Send Florist Delivered Funeral Flowers

Flowers can be used to commemorate all kinds of occasions, and one of these occasions can be a funeral. In more somber times where people gather to mourn, funeral flowers can let attendees know that you care in your own, unique way. They can be styled to meet an occasion like flowers for other occasions, or styled in such a manner that the recently deceased person would have liked. Whatever the style, it will most likely fit the somber occasion.
Getting the flowers where they need to be has also taken on a new life. In our increasingly digital day and age, funeral flowers can now be bought, sold, and delivered from the convenience of your own home, or a seat in the funeral home. Buying funeral flowers online can be done if you cannot be there to personally attend a funeral, or to simply have them delivered before your arrival. The choice to commemorate the occasion is yours.

Picking Funeral Flowers

As you are going to be commemorating a rather sad occasion, your choice in flowers should reflect it. Funeral and sympathy flowers can be arranged in your own unique way, but if you were rather unimaginative, they can be hard to pick. Even more so if you do not know the first thing about flowers; the help of a good florist should remedy this particular conundrum.

  • Choose a suitable floral style or theme for the occasion. Enlisting the aid of a florist should help guide you through a variety of choices for funeral flower packages available to meet a somber occasion.
  • A suitable style can also reflect the nature of your relationship with the recently deceased. Certain flowers and floral styles can be picked because of personal experiences, the age of the deceased and other factors.
  • Also be aware of where the flowers are to be placed. Funeral flower arrangements can be placed in a variety of areas, ranging from the coffin itself to parts of the funeral home, or even on the hearse.
  • The colors of the flowers you choose can also dramatically alter the mood of the occasion. That said, stay away from more lively and festive colors unless the funeral arrangers prefer such flowers to decorate the area.


The kinds of flowers used in a funeral flower arrangement can also be rather confusing. Funeral attendees have a variety of flowers to pick from:

  • Carnations - These usually come in red to signify passion or white to signify truth.
  • Chrysanthemums - Popular colors of this flower also includes white.
  • Roses - These are a universal favorite for nearly any type of occasion.
  • Irises - As these flowers symbolize hope and faith, they may be more suited to set a more positive tone during a funeral.
  • Calla Lilies - These typically come in two varieties: Oriental and Asiatic. Either one may represent purity and innocence, and might be a better pick if the recently deceased died rather young.


Sympathy Flower Arrangements

A style and a kind of flower do not mean you are done picking out funeral flowers. The arrangement may also set the tone for a funeral or other somber occasion, no matter what kind of flowers may be in it.

  • Baskets and Posies - A posy is a circular flower arrangement that allows even the foliage beneath the flowers to be seen from all angles. The posy may also be part of a traditional flower basket arrangement.
  • Funeral Spray - Used to adorn a casket, a funeral spray can have one or two ends in order to vary its appearance. This is a popular sympathy flower arrangement, and can include nearly any kind of flower.
  • Wreath - This circular flower arrangement can fit all kinds of occasions just fine. With funeral flower arrangements, they can include a toned down, more downplayed colors in order to commemorate more somber occasions.
  • Hand-Tied Sheafs - More of a packaging design than a funeral flower arrangement, these can be good when sending flowers to a loved one in mourning.
  • Personalized Designs - You may collaborate with your florist to create your own customized design for a funeral occasion. The rules for flower arrangements are not strictly set in stone, and you can make your own if you would like.


Ordering Funeral Flowers Online

Going to a florist yourself to pick out an arrangement of sympathy flowers is all well and good, but ordering funeral flowers online can also be done. It may be a little harder to discuss terms, designs, and arrangements from behind a computer monitor, but there are a variety of upsides to ordering them online.

  • If you are unable to attend a funeral or wake, then ordering funeral flowers online may let mourners know that you care from wherever you are. Your sympathy for those in mourning will be felt by sending funeral flowers.
  • Sending funeral flowers before your arrival lets other people know that you will be attending and that you care enough to leave a flower arrangement for the times you aren't present.
  • You may not always have time to visit a florist beforehand, so the speed and convenience of online shopping may suit a busy schedule more.


Whatever your choice of shopping may be, your choice in flowers may eventually set the mood of the entire funeral. Festive or downright sad, funeral flowers will let the recently deceased know that you care, even in the afterlife.

Paying tribute with funeral flowers is the best way to show how you felt about that person and that you think about the one who are grieving since flowers can say more than what you can express in words. The families of the deceased take comfort when they take the funeral flowers home and surround their home with the beauty and smell of fresh flowers. Floral tributes help the grieving continue on the process of their lives while dealing with the passing of one of their own.

Ordering Funeral Flowers & Sympathy Flowers

The final mark of respect to a friend or loved one that has passed on is sending flowers to the funeral. You cannot just walk into a flower shop and order the first bouquet that takes your eye. It is very important to give it some thought before you choose the flowers to send to the funeral. The flowers should be a floral tribute to the deceased, with types of flowers that are appropriate for the service and your feelings towards the deceased. Funeral or sympathy flowers are really your feelings of how you felt about the one who has passed on.

Funeral flowers should be compassionate and considerate. They should show respect for the deceased. They are not just for the people who attend the funeral, the flowers should show how you remember the deceased. They also give the bereaved a topic to discuss as they visit the funeral home and the grave site. Funeral flowers are part of the grieving process.

Sympathy flowers give the grieving something to focus on when their grief becomes too much for them. By sending a floral tribute you are telling them how you felt about the deceased. Sending a standard everyday arrangement rather than an appropriate fuenral arrangement may look as if you did not put much thought into your feelings for the deceased. It may also appear inconsiderate to send inappropriate flowers for the occasion. Carefully selected flowers show you are aware of funeral flower etiquette and want to comfort the family in their time of need.

Funeral flowers also make people think about happy occasions instead of sorrow. Since emotions run very high at funerals the more the grieving have to focus on something happy the easier it will be for them to continue the grieving. It helps them remember their loved one with happy thoughts, not painful ones.